Mickey Mouse Pancakes



Weekends with my pop!TOT  are filled with tons of activities from the moment she gets up until the moment we pass out…. literally! We typically wake up at 7am or 8am if it’s a good day.  Today? 6:30am!!! So we watched Yo Gabba Gabba for about an hour as I tried to grasp onto that final hour of rest. She jumped, shaked and shimmied it out and then it came… “mommy what are we doing today?”  (Le sigh) Geez, I really should have put more thought into this weekend. lol

I remembered how much she enjoyed making her rainbow pancakes and thought about how we could create Teddy Bear pancakes and then wah-lah! It came to me… Mickey Mouse pancakes! After googling his face, I started practing drawing his face and then went into the kitchen to get the ingredients. Luckily, this recipe doesn’t have a lot of ingredients… just a little time which is exactly what we had!

Check out how to make Mickey Mouse Pancakes!

DSC_0448 The Baby Bear stirs the pancake mix

DSC_0474The pancakes for the face

DSC_0485I used a pot cover like a cookie cutter to create his round face

DSC_0476For the ears, we poured in Hersey Syrup

DSC_0477And then mixed it in

DSC_0487You can pour the batter into the cookie cutter or cut after the pancakes have formed

DSC_0496With any dish I usually have an additional practice dish so I can try out my techniques in advance. It allows me to tweak as needed without ruining my dishes. This is when I determined it would be better to make his smile with the batter rather than the syrup.

DSC_0497Painting his widows peak, ears, eyes and nose

DSC_0503The Final Product!

Slide1SCORE!!!! It was a hit with the pop!TOT

Slide2She LOVED it!Slide3Poor Mickey never had a chance against the Baby Bear! lol

Mickey Mouse Pancakes


  • Pancake Mix
  • Hersey Chocolate Syrup
  • Blue Berries
  • White Frosting or Cream Cheese


  • Large Round Cookie Cutter (6 inch) or small pot cover
  • Small Round Cookie Cutter (3 inch)
  • Small Paint Brush
  • Squeeze Bottle

pop! Directions

  1. Heat skillet over medium-low heat or griddle to 375 °F.
  2. Combine ingredients for pancake and stir
  3. Pour batter for each pancake onto lightly greased griddle
  4. Make sure the batter poured creates a circle about 6 1/2 to 7 inches or however big your largest cookie cutter is.
  5. Turn when the pancake bubbles and bottoms are golden brown
  6. Use a large cookie cutter or a small pot cover (6 inch) as I did to cut out a large circle for his face
  7. With remaining pancake batter add Hersey chocolate syrup and mix and follow same directions to cook the pancakes
  8. Use a smaller cookie cutter aprox. 3 inches to create the ears
  9. Pour batter into squeeze bottle and pour batter on griddle and create small oval shapes for his eyes, nose and draw a smile directly on griddle
  10. Assemble the pieces of his face
  11. Paint the widows peak on his face with the Hersey’s syrup
  12. Paint his ears and nose with the Hersey’s syrup
  13. Paint the pancake eyes with white frosting or cream cheese
  14. Cut a blue berry in half for his eyes

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