Coxcomb //Peony Spray Garden Rose //Astilbe


Coxcomb //Peony Spray Garden Rose //Astilbe






  • Coxcomb
  • Astilbe
  • Peony Spray Garden Rose
  • Hybrid Tea Rose Sweet Avalanche
  • Cool Water Lavender Rose
  • Melo Melo Shell
  • Carnation

A very good friend of mine reached out to me as his girlfriend was celebrating her birthday and he wanted to do something special for her. He planned a fun and romantic weekend on the beach and wanted to extend that theme to her Brunch which culminated that weekend in a room filled with family and friends.

The brunch was held at Yerba Buena, an innovative Latin Restaurant in the LES (Lower East Side for non-New Yorkers.) My goal was to keep within the beach theme, but in a subtle and romantic way. The tables in the venue were small so it was important that the arrangements not take up too much room, but still make an impactful statement. Two items I wanted to incorporate were shells and water. I thought the Melo Melo Shell would be a creative container for the first arrangement which is pictured above. The second arrangement will be featured in the next post.  Next, I saw the most beautiful pink Coxcomb which had the appearance of coral with a beautiful velvety texture. Next the lavender and pink roses supplied the lushness I was looking for. I could not pass up the gorgeous Peony Spray Garden Rose with it’s rich, creamy color. The final accessory? An Astilbe branch, which conjured up visions of beautiful pink fields under the sea.  The final product was an arrangement which had visual interest from every angle. It truly stood out on the table and felt both beachy and romantic. I love it when things work out!

Part 1…. Stay tuned in for the whole collection from the Brunch!

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