Jazz Age Lawn Party

Jazz Age Lawn Party Antique-496

Jazz Age Lawn Party

The Jazz Age Lawn Party is one of those annual events that my BFF and I mark in our calendars and anxiously await for. The Jazz Age Lawn Party is New York City’s original prohibition era inspired gathering which is hosted and conceived by Michael Arenella. Picture it… a Great Gatsby style summer soiree with thousands of people living in a 1920’s moment. Diamods, pearls, feathers, parasols and frocks. We’re like two little giddy school girls just thinking about it. Fallon even sent me a reminder last month. “Jazz Age Lawn Party just around the corner….get your tickets!!!.”  We should have been set. Truth be told I was not prepared. She was not prepared. We were just NOT ready!!!

How did this happen? Fallon and I had big plans, but apparently our lives had even bigger plans that got in the way. From the moment we departed Governor’s Island last year we started planning this beautiful table spread and even more amazing costumes yet somehow we missed the mark and we were wishing we had one more week to prepare.

Alas, we went, but later than we anticipated and of course not as prepared as we wanted. We made the best of it and hopped on the ginormous line to the ferry and walked in the heat to the packed lawn. Upon arrival the Baby Bear and I were met by my BFF Fallon and her BF Joe.  After finding a spot Joe and I bee lined it over to the St. Germain Bar to grab some cocktails to quench our thirst and quite frankly settle us down. Nothing a good cocktail can’t fix!

After the St. Germaine cocktails kicked in we finally were able to enjoy the day and take in the spectacular sights and sounds which included big band tunes by Michael Arenella and the Dreamland Orchestra . After it’s 8th year it’s apparent that people have finally caught on to this bauble and feather filled event. I still get a kick out of seeing thousands of people donned in their best 1920’s ensemble and generally all of the creativeness. I wish I had captured better pictures because there was so much to see. It felt like we had stepped back into time. A time where glamor and beauty reign.

I promise 2014 will be done in GRAND pop! STYLE!!! You hear that Fallon?!?!?! Let’s prepare now!

Below are my pictures, but here are a few other sites where you can check out the soiree is full swing!

Fashion I Sing

The Gothomist

The Gothomist Flickr

Moon Photos
Sarah Vrablik, Speckle Photo

DSC_0135The Baby Bear getting ready… lol

DSC_0147She’s all ready to go!

DSC_0141Diamonds and Pearls

DSC_0244Fallon & Joe

DSC_0347Just us dancing…


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