Kai Lan Pancake Play Date


Kai Lan Pancake Play Date

Chef Baby Bear strikes again! This time she made a weekday request to make Kai Lan pancakes. It sounded like this “Mommy… how about if we make Kai Lan pancakes? Yeah… I think that sounds like a great idea. And we can make Rintoooooooo and Hohoooooo. Actually, can we have a play date?” With eyes wide open and mouth on the floor I say “Wow!!! What a challenge!!!! Kai Lan, HoHo, Rintoo and friends?”  What can I say????? She suckered me in what that cute face.  That was Friday and by the afternoon the invites were out for that Sunday morning. The Baby Bear could not stop talking about her pending play date with her BFFs. Below is a look at their fun filled day! We can’t wait to do it again!

DSC_0472The Baby Bear set up her DJ station on my trunk. I asked her what she was doing and she said
“Mommy I am setting up my DJ Table” Like duh! What was I thinking?

DSC_0479DJ Baby Bear on the ones and twos! Do you see that skill?

Baby Bear Approved Playlist:

Mirrors  – Justin Timberlake
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – Taylor Swift
Diamonds – Rihanna
Scream & Shout – Will I. Am
Get the Sillies Out – Yo Gabba Gabba

DSC_0480Prior to the girls arriving I created templates for us to follow

DSC_0481Along with the actual drawing I planned out each area of the face and determined what
ingredient we could use to create each feature

DSC_0489They’re fancy! They make pancakes with brown eggs. Martha would be proud.

DSC_0493I told them the secret to fluffy pancakes. No, I can’t tell you… it’s a secret.

DSC_0492See Chef Baby Bear’s face? That’s the face of a kid who knows the secret.

DSC_0501Yup! Ahaana knows the secret too!

DSC_0520Then she did this! No patting! No patting! Ahaana use the SECRET!

DSC_0523Look at those big fluffy pancakes.

Slide1Brookie and Liana cut out the faces for their Kai Lan pancakes

Slide2Mehar and Ahaana make their cuts

Slide3Look at that! Hoho looks awesome!

DSC_0540  The girls make Kai Lan’s flowers with fruit roll-ups. What I love is that they created their own version of Kai Lan.
Brookie wanted to eat, I mean make the most use of the chocolate chips.

DSC_0543Painting on Kai Lan’s hair with chocolate syrup

DSC_0545Ahaana sprinkles on the coconut for Hoho’s fur

DSC_0548Use the scraps from her face to create hair

DSC_0554Rintoo by Mehar

DSC_0557Hoho by Ahaana

DSC_0564Kai Lan by Brooke

DSC_0569Kai Lan by Liana

DSC_0570  DSC_0577




TSlide4It was like the 3 year old version of The View, but much cuter and sprinkled with tons of giggles

Slide5     DSC_0604

DSC_0608The girls toast to the occasion

DSC_0616Brookie took center stage to sing all of the words like it was her own concert







DSC_0641  DSC_0643







  • Pancakes

Kai Lan #1

  • Banana and Grape- Eyes
  • Chocolate Chip – Nose
  • Fruit Roll-up- Flowers
  • Pancake painted in chocolate Syrup – Hair

Kai Lan #2

  • Banana/Blueberry- Eyes
  • Pancake painted in chocolate Syrup – Nose/mouth
  • Pancake dipped in chocolate Syrup – Mouth/Eye Brows
  • Fruit Roll-up – Flowers


  • Blueberries – Eyes
  • Chocolate Chip – Nose
  • Coconut – Fur
  • Pancake dipped in chocolate Syrup – Mouth/Eye Brows
  • Strawberry Syrup – Cheeks


  • Black Berry – Eyes
  • Banana – Nose
  • Pancake – Mouth
  • Fruit Roll-up – Tongue


  • Pot Lid (or other round item)
  • Grater Lid (or other oval item)
  • Various Cookie Cutters
  • Scissors
  • Paint Brushes

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