Jewel Toned Enchanted Baby Shower


Jewel Toned Enchanted Baby Shower

Is it just me or is everyone preggies right now? It seems like somebody put a little baby making juice in the water a few months ago.  I literally know at least 10 people in my life who are about to welcome a beautiful little pop!TOT into this world. I’m so excited!!! So, as you can imagine, me being an event producer and all many of my friends ask me about alternative baby shower themes that are not so baby-ish. You know… filled with frilly pink teddy bears, cartoons and rubber duckies. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with pastel pink, canary yellow or baby blue; however many of my sophisticated mommies-to-be prefer a theme that is timeless, elegant and a reflection of them.

A baby shower I worked on recently for one of my very best friends featured bold, jewel toned colors with a touch of glamour and whimsy. We wanted it to be refined and include some of her favorite foods in a chic way. I envisioned an enchanted tablescape set amidst a majestic garden with a live pond. Her longtime and dear friend had the most amazing house and was absolutely perfect location for it. Her home was straight out of a magazine. Originally the table was set to be outside just as I had envisioned. It was simply gorgeous! Just as the table and all of the décor was in place it began to rain! Oh no! We ran out and frantically collected all of them items. Fortunate for us her dining room was just as spectacular and regal. We set up the room and we were ready to go. No one would have known the wiser.

We offered up some of her favorite foods and snacks along with a few signature mocktails so even the mom-to-be can enjoy a few sips. Finally, we ended the day making custom onesies for the baby. It was such a wonderful and chic way to celebrate both mommy and baby.


  • Event Production: pop! by YAZ
  • Venue: Private Residence
  • Food: Monisha Akhoury
  • Photography: pop! by YAZ
  • Invitations: pop! by YAZ
  • Favors: pop! by YAZ



















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