Brassica Oleracea // Purple Statice //Coxcomb

1_edited-1 2 squareBrassica Oleracea // Purple Statice //Coxcomb

I love this time of the year when Summer transitions into Fall. I still linger onto the warm days, but yearn for the cool evenings. To me, these flowers embody that feeling. The bright red roses and seductive marooon Coxcomb intermingling with crispy sweet greens in the Hydrangea and cool purples in the Brassica Oleracea (decorative cabbage) and Statice.

Alas, with everyday that passes reality is that Fall is around the corner. In the meantime I will stay in this perfect little nook of Indian Summer.


  • Brassica Oleracea
  • Hydrangea
  • Roses
  • Purple Statice
  • Coxcomb



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