Treats at the Tasting Table Test Kitchen with Patrón XO Café

Evil Queen Patrón XO Cafe

Halloween Treats at the Tasting Table Test Kitchen with Patrón XO Café

EVENT// Halloween at the Tasting Table Test Kitchen with Patrón XO Café
VENUE// Tasting Table Test Kitchen
DATE // October 30, 2013
PHOTOS// Alyssa Ringler via Tasting Table

Being part of the Patron Social Club has its perks…yummy perks if I must say so myself. I received an invitation to this must-attend Halloween tasting at the Tasting Table Test Kitchen. They promised “spooky cocktails and seasonal canapés” and sure enough they delivered!

My BFF Fallon, who you may know from Sage & Sparkle, joined me for this Halloween jaunt. Sans costume, which we questioned… I mean, how awkward would it have been being the only ones in costume???? Luckily, we saved ourselves from that moment! Upon arrival to the space, we climbed the two flights and although I was out of breath (don’t judge me) I could smell the glorious food penetrating through the door. We excitedly walked through and it was like walking into a friend’s home. You know… extra toasty, filled with foodies and dimly lit. We walked straight back to the bar where we met Barnard the bartender who graciously made us two decadent cocktails featuring Patron XO Café. Sipping our cocktails we gazed into the magnificent kitchen watching the chefs prepare our meal. We swooned and dreamt about having such a kitchen in our own homes one day. Truth be told, I think Fallon and I would just gut an apartment and make it one BIG ASS kitchen if you left it to us, but apparently people need places to sit, bath and sleep. Ugh!

Tasting Table’s executive Chef Brendan McHale sent out a variety of treats for us kiddies, but our favorites hands-down were the Gnocchi and the Hamachi! Fallon – I smell a new post cooking up! Overall, it was a wonderful evening with a delicious spread. I could have stayed all night and ate away, but the server was onto us as we strategically placed ourselves by the kitchen so we could have access to the food first – ha! Thanks to Patron Tequila & Tasting Table for the wonderful evening out!

Check out the menu and photos from the event below.
Additional photos can be found on the Tasting Table Facebook Page.

PS. There are no photos of me and Fallon because apparently I did not have the appropriate lens. It was super dim and truth be told, after my first (and not last) plate of that Gnocchi I gave up on the photos! lol


Patron XO CafePatron XO Café Coffee Liqueur combines Patron Silver Tequila with coffee to create a slightly sweet, full-bodied liqueur for tequila and coffee lovers alike.

Barnard the Bartender Patron XOBarnard the Bartender mixed it up for us!

Patron XO Cafe Kiss CocktailPatron XO Cafe Kiss Cocktail

Raging Bull Patrón XO CafeRaging Bull Cocktail

Patron XO Cafe CocktailPatron XO Cafe Cocktail

Artisanal meats and cheeses
Artisanal meats and cheeses

Menu Tasting Table Patron
The menu was featured on an ipad for easy visibility

Menu Tasting Table Patron 2

Roasted squash caraway yogurt pepitasRoasted squash, caraway yogurt, pepitas

Salad of little gem almond Stilton egg emulsionSalad of little gem, almond, stilton, egg emulsion

Hamachi crudo nori appleHamachi crudo nori apple

Crispy polenta tomato ragu aged beef lardoCrispy polenta, tomato ragu, aged beef lardo

Dulce de Leche SemifreddoDulce de leche semifreddo, coconut

Caramel popcornGoodie bags filled with Caramel Popcorn so we can snack on our way home



  • Sausage and broccoli rabe croquette
  • Crispy polenta, tomato ragu, aged beef lardo
  • Gnocchi, brown butter, sage, almonds
  • Cured hamachi, pickled chili, nori, apple


  • Roasted squash, caraway yogurt, pepitas
  • Aged beef, patatas bravas, braised lettuce
  • Salad of Little Gem, almond, stilton, egg emulsion
  • Artisinal meats and cheeses


  • Dulce de leche semifreddo, coconut


  • XO Kiss – Patron XO Café, Irish Cream, Hershey Kiss Chaser
  • Evil Queen – Patron XO Café, Apple Cider, cinnamon stick
  • Raging Bull – Patron XO Café, Lime, Cola

2 thoughts on “Treats at the Tasting Table Test Kitchen with Patrón XO Café

  1. Great post! When I first saw this on IG last night… I was wondering how/when you took those pictures… now I know. Thank god for photographers working events, right 😉

    On another note… I’m still dreaming of that kitchen! All we need now, is the perfect brownstone to make our dreams a reality. One floor for the kitchen, one for a working studio, and one for our super cute desk.

    Fallon Carmichael | Sage + Sparkle

    ps. we use a “+” not a “&” 😉

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