You’re Engaged! Now What?

You're Engaged Now What

You’re Engaged! Now What?

According to my FB timeline and my IG it seems that love was in the air this holiday season. I LOVE it!!! So your honey popped the question. You said yes. Yay! You’re engaged! Now what’s next you ask?

Here’s what to do in a few steps…

  • Call your relatives. It seems obvious, but with social media many have forgotten the way of the word. Meet up. Call them. Make it personal.  Be thoughtful in sharing this joyous occasion with the most special people in your lives.
  • Get a manicure. It sounds silly, but everyone is going to want to see your ring. The glorious beauty of your ring should not be out shined by chipped nail polish or hand nail. Yuck!
  • Announce it! After the VIPs, share the news with the rest of your friends. Whether through social media or a formal engagement announcement, this is your time to spread the news.
  • Get your ring sized.  Even if your ring size is correct it’s likely your ring still isn’t fit as perfect as it should be.  You have lots of showing off to do. Let’s make sure your precious stone stays exactly where it is supposed to be.
  • Appraise and Insure. Your ring was a big investment. Protect yourselves.
  • Send a Save-the-Date. Even if you don’t know the exact date sending out a Save-the-Date with an approximate timeframe, such as Fall 2014, will alleviate the third most popular question after “Can I see the Ring” and “How did he/she propose.”   It will also help in the planning process itself.
  • Get Inspired. Finally, after years of daydreaming, now it’s your opportunity to put it all together without friends giving you the side eye for planning a wedding without a bride/groom. No, you are not the only person who has tried on a bridal dress with no wedding in site. No judgment. Pick up magazines, pop into a bridal show, check out website and blogs for inspiration.
  • Talk to your Partner. Discuss what you both have in mind for the big day. Determine your most important areas and know when to compromise.
  • Determine the planning process.  Whether you run off to your local City Court, hire a planner or do-it-yourselves you need to discuss which process is best for you.
  • Hire a professional planner. Planning a wedding is a full-time job. If you’re a super busy couple with a demanding lifestyle, hiring a planner is key to a stress free event.  Many couples forgo a planner in order to save money; however considering the amount of money being invested on your once in a lifetime event I believe it is imperative you have someone working on your behalf. Great planners will guide you through the wedding planning process by keeping you organized,  helping save you money, connecting you with top notch professionals, managing vendors, guests and orchestrate the details of your big day.
  • Levels of Support. Most planners offer varying levels of support to suit your needs. Full service includes every step of the planning process. Partial Planning is right for you, if you have planned some of your wedding but need a professional wedding planner to step in and help. The final option is a day-of-coordinator, who unlike the title states, comes in about a month prior to your wedding and executes the details you have planned. They will ensure everything goes smoothly on your wedding day. I strongly recommend at minimum you hire a day-of-coordinator to execute the plans you have been working so diligently on, so it runs exactly how you envisioned. Your peace of mind on your wedding day will be worth every cent!
  • Discuss Budget.  Discussing money is never fun, but completely necessary before you reach out to any vendors. Get an idea of how the wedding is going to be funded and how much you have to spend.
  • Start Planning. This is the fun part, or so it should be. A wedding is a day, a marriage is a lifetime. Enjoy the planning process and congrats!

Stay tuned for additional tips on Weddings and more!

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